Inventors of the charbonnade

It was here, in this beautiful restaurant with its typical Valais decor, that Mr and Mrs Schmidt invented the charbonnade in 1968. The wood panelling in the dining room creates a warm and cosy setting, while a large shady terrace offers alfresco seating in the hills above Geneva. It has become an institution. And while we offer fish or vegetarian alternatives, our traditional charbonnade remains the most popular choice.

A culinary delight since 1968

There’s no need to ask to see a menu: people come to La Taverne du Valais almost exclusively for its charbonnade, invented on this very spot. And there’s nowhere better to enjoy it: each table has a real brazier that guests can use to grill their meat just how they like it. The charbonnade is accompanied by homemade sauces based on recipes created by Mrs Schmidt and her daughter over 40 years ago.

Flavoursome meat

We take the quality of the products we use very seriously, paying particular attention to the origin of meat. The restaurant is busy all year round. Guests love the lively atmosphere and our idyllic terrace is always popular in summer. As you might expect, it is a good idea to book in advance.

Unrivalled hospitality

La Taverne du Valais has countless loyal customers who keep coming back generation after generation. Many were treated to a charbonnade as children by their parents and have returned as adults to relive the experience. There’s no doubt about it: our staff have mastered the art of hospitality.

Cooked how you like it

Thanks to our indoor barbecues, you can enjoy quality meat cooked just how you like it. We select the finest cuts of beef for you. Our succulent rump steak for charbonnade comes from Switzerland (aged for four weeks then cut to order), and our delicious rib steak is matured on the bone for eight weeks for incredible tenderness and an intense flavour.

On the menu at La Taverne du Valais

  • Charbonnade Beef, mixed, lamb, fish, prawns, vegetarian

  • Chinese hotpot Beef or mixed

  • Meat fondue Beef

  • Rib steak ‘Swiss Gourmet Grand Cru’

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