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A brasero, burning coals, a grill; an outdoor activity proposed inside; the charbonnade was born.

The beginning of a tradition that has lasted for more than half a century.

We have been making it in the same way since 1967.

In the spring of 1967, Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt had an original idea that would make the reputation of the Taverne du Valais: the charbonnade.

Originally, pure beef rumpsteak was cooked on braseros.

The meat was served with a mixed salad as a starter and a portion of homemade fries, which is still the case today. 

Over time we have expanded our options. There is beef, of course, but also a mixed meat platter (beef, chicken, turkey and duck), lamb, fish and prawns.

For vegetarians we offer an assortment of vegetables, vegetarian burgers and grilling tofu. 

We are following the tradition introduced in 1967, as the recipe for our salad dressing remains unchanged to this day.

The same applies to sauces served with meat. 
The Taverne du Valais is an experience, a sensation, a flavour but above all a tradition that lasts over time. 

Today, come and taste our meats and cook them to your taste on our braseros. 


Charbonnade is a friendly experience to share with family, friends or colleagues.